Few people get to appreciate the beauty of exuberant and dynamic corals. But all of us will feel the absence once they are gone. Why is that?

Photo by Diogo Hungria on Unsplash


There are two types of corals. Soft corals are colorful and gently sway in underwater currents. Hard corals look like underwater sculptures made by Poseidon himself. They might look like plants, but actually, corals are primitive animals — colonies of polyps.

In deeper waters, they feed on small organisms like plankton or even small fish. But colorful shallow-water corals produce energy from single-cell algae that live inside them. The algae have a symbiotic…

What`s your ecological footprint?

My results are:

Your personal Earth Overshoot Day is

05. Oct

If everyone lived like you, we would need

1.3 Earths

Let’s be honest…You can’t be harmless to the planet! If you are eating, moving, wearing clothes, or using any electrical device — the planet suffers from it. The only thing we can do is — decrease the impact and provide a good example to others.

Photo by Mick Truyts on Unsplash

Save the resources

Every human action requires resources. There are two kinds of resources on planet Earth:

  • finite (oil, coal, natural gas, etc.)
  • renewable (water, sun, wind…).

The finite resources make energy that was stored for millions of years. Consuming it now creates greenhouse gasses and chemical pollution.

Renewable energy, also called “green” energy, has some drawbacks as well. Like disturbance of natural habitats and problems to store the energy itself… No matter where the energy comes from, we must use it conservatively!

Most of us have plenty of water around — rivers, lakes, the ocean. Damn, often it’s pouring down from the…

Every publicist in here is a successful entrepreneur, owns at least one business, has more money than they can spend, and unintentionally (or not) brags about it - “I made $$$ millions doing this ONE thing”. Let’s cut the bull$hit and talk about things that are more important than money.

Listen to these four lessons from a guy who has NO job, NO money, NO home, yet feels quite fortunate. (That`s me by the way.) These lessons are arranged in random sequence except for the Mindset, I left it for the closure on purpose.

1. Relationship

The legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle said…

Rihards Sorendo (Rich)

Explorer of the “Loif”

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